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Will’s Incredible 6th Birthday Will!

Will turned 6 last week! All he wanted to do was have a Hulk Party at the skate park! The kids had a blast with a bunch of green food, a Hulk stomp (balloon) game and of course a Hulk cake!

Happy Birthday, buddy!!





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Wrapping up Summer Childcare

Amber and the kids have moved daycare to their new place … I miss having all the kids (and noise) but it’s nice to get into a routine again. 🙂
Here are a couple pics of the kids getting one more swim in before they left.

August … so far!

WOW!! Where has summer gone … it’s flying by. Will goes back to school at the end of the month.

It has been a really fun summer … so much fun in fact that I am just now getting around to updating the blog. So, here is a huge photo dump!

We hit up Remmlinger Farms last weekend with Jamie and Ryan … kids had a ball!

Below are some other posts of what we’ve been up to … hope your summer has been great too!


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Family Camping Trip

We took a few days off and went camping in the mountains and the weather couldn’t have been better! Kids were troopers as we were tenting it and sleeping on the ground! Hiking, camp fires, swimming in lakes and lot’s and lot’s of dirt!!

Here are some pics!





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July was a fun month … started off super sunny with cheerleading class for Leila, the Spears’ annual BBQ cook off (Steve didn’t win this year), Black Diamond Minor’s Day, the day care at our house, days at the park, skinny dipping kiddos, hair cuts, vacation bible school, swimming lessons, Will at Camp Huston (overnight for 3 nights!) a new car  and fun summer days.

Wow, what a busy month!!

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4th of July

Here are some random shots from the 4th of July! We went out to Lake 12 with some friends – I was having so much fun  I didn’t take many photos!

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Our Weekend Fun!

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Steve was out of town over the weekend on a motorcycle ride with some friends, so I was single-mom ‘n it! Kids and I were very busy (as usual) and had a ton of fun!

We started with a movie on Friday night … finally made it out to see Chimpanzee. It was great, kids were pretty into it too. Saturday Leila had her last T-Ball game and then after dropping off Will to play with Alex, Leila and I went to Ali’s dance recital. Leila fell asleep literally right before Ali’s performance. Oh well … next time. Then it was time to pick up Will, have pizza with the fam before heading home.

That night Leila got sick. She just ate too much or something bad … or has a mom who doesn’t stop! 🙂 So, we skipped church and slept in. Then headed to meet Jamie and her kiddos for a train ride in Snoqulamie/North Bend.

By the time we got home, Steve was back! Her are some pics … enjoy!

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